Anna Eret:

"Films open doors to ourselves.

A good film induces an emotional dialog with our ones.

My task as a filmmaker is to make the dialogue happen."

BlackBox  Filmproduction

  Already during her studies, she defined her focus on Film Aesthetics and Psychoanalysis and produced several films as a director. Anna successfully managed to combine her study, career and a mother role.

She worked as a TV editor in Berlin and  produced image films for various companies and  private entrepreneurs.

  Later Anna  became a line producer and of numerous international film productions (music videos, documentations, features), in which she also established herself  as a producer abroad.

She successfully executed numerous film production projects between New York, Tel Aviv , Berlin and Kiev.

Anna is a passionate filmmaker and  an efficient producer.

Since her childhood, Anna (31) knew that the world of movies would become an indispensable part of her life and career.

Anna has been active in the film production business for over 11 years.

She studied Media Science at Potsdam University and then finished her Master studies at Berlin Humboldt University.

Lately, Anna Eret worked as a producer at mmpro and managed the film projects for clients like Vattenfall, Benteler, Bilfinger, Huntsman and Wintershall Holding GmbH.